Jimmy Wensiora: You’ll Always Be In Style

Well it has been a while since the last podcast but I’m back with a further instalment. This time a further podcast featuring the records Jimmy played during the mid 80’s Stafford & Rock City era. Jimmy has been one of the toughest to pin tracks down for as not many seem to remember too much about his spins despite a collection as good as any back in the day. Jimmy though never really pushed or promoted himself like some others. Here you will find some forgotten sounds, quite a few acetate and unissued gems but some cracking Rare Soul.

Ad-Libs – You’ll Always Be In Style – 10’ April & Blackwood Acetate
(Patti Austin)
B.B. Carter – Cool It Baby – Kris
(Baby Washington)
Berkshire 7 – Stop And Start Over – Stop
(Mel Wynn)
Bo Fowler – Now You’ve Got The Upper Hand – Unissued Studio Acetate
Vince & Connie – I Bear Witness – Virtue Acetate
Timothy Wilson – My Heart Belongs To You – April & Blackwood Acetate
(Actually Van McCoy)
Little Bobby Parker – I Won’t Believe It Till I See It – Unissued Shrine recording
Precisions – My Sense Of Direction (Is Blown) – Hen Mar
Fascinators – In Other Words – Bombay
Honey & The Bees – Be Yourself – Academy
Sea Shells – Quiet Home – Village
J.T. Carter – Closer To Your Heart – Decca
Eddie Holland – I’m On The Outside Looking In – Motown
Temptations – Angel Doll – Unissued Jobete Recording
Linda Griner – Goodbye Cruel Love – Motown
Linda Rae – Time For Love Is Now – Mike
C.V. Horn – Love Is A Situation – Della
Donnels – Everybody Don’t Know – Alpha
Springers -Nothing’s Too Good For My Baby – Wale
Johnny Summers – I’m Still Yours – Yorktown
Tommy Dodson III – Cooperate – Main Sound
Robert Tenard – Gotta Get Goin’ – Fabulos
Ambers – Funny Face Girl – 10” April & Blackwood Acetate
O.C. Tolbert – I’m Shooting High (I’ll Reach For The Sky) – Audiodisc Acetate
(Cleveland Wilson)


Richard Searling: Seventh Heaven

Podcast number 60!! I never imagined when I started this I would do 10, 60 is just amazing!

This is the final podcast covering the Modern Soul plays of Richard Searling, unless Sean Price comes up with another list! Many thanks to Sean for all his help with the Richard Searling plays, couldn’t have done it without him. Again many new releases which highlights the diversity and open mindedness of the 80’s all-nighter crowds.

Gwen Guthrie – Seventh Heaven – Island
Maurice Messiah – We Can Go To Your House – Quality
Alicia Myers – I Fooled You This Time – MCA
Angela Bofill – Is This A Dream – Arista
Lillo Thomas – You’re A Good Girl – Capitol
Atlantic Starr – Touch A Four Leaf Clover – A&M
Dayton – Promise Me – Capitol
Curtis Hairston – I Want You (All Tonight) – Pretty Pearl
Gwen Guthrie – Padlock – Island
Kashif – Help Yourself To My Love – Arista
Jeffrey Osborne – Don’t You Get So Mad – A&M
The Ronnie McNeir Experience – Keep Giving Me Love – Capitol
Howard Johnson – Keepin’ Love New – A&M
Lenny White – Didn’t Know About Love (Till I Found You) – Elektra

Richard Searling: Keep It Comin’

A further selection of records as played by Richard Searling at The Top Of The World in Stafford. Again all Modern Soul.

Once again thanks to Sean Price for all his help.

The Jones Girls – Keep It Comin’ – Philadelphia International Records
The Ronnie McNeir Experience – Come Be With Me – Capitol EP
Lillo Thomas – Hot Love – Capitol
Ozone – (Our Hearts) Will Always Shine – Motown
Glenn Jones – Finesse – RCA
Kashif – Don’t Stop My Love – Arista
The Ronnie McNeir Experience – Is This What Happens To A Love – Capitol EP
Maurice Messiah – 50/50 Love – Quality
Melba Moore – Love Me Right – Capitol
Gladys Knight & The Pips – Save The Overtime (For Me) – Columbia
Michael Wycoff – Tell me Love – RCA
Jerry Knight – I’m Down For That – A&M
Peabo Bryson – Go For It – Capitol

Richard Searling: Smoothin’ Groovin’

It has been a while since any Modern Soul was featured amongst these podcasts so it is time to redress the balance before I upset one side of the room! Here we have the first of three podcasts featuring the records Richard Searling was featuring around the time. Richard would finish presenting his show in Sheffield for Radio Hallam and head straight for Stafford, usually with a bunch of promos and new releases under his arm to unleash on the Stafford crowd.

Many thanks to Sean Price. Without his help and memory it wouldn’t have been possible to compile this and the upcoming two podcasts.

Ingram – Smoothin’ Groovin’ – Mirage
Lew Kirton – Talk To Me – Believe In A Dream
The Ronnie McNeir Experience – Light My Fire – Capitol
O’Jays – Extraordinary Girl – Philadelphia International
Kashif – Rumours – Arista
Bill Brandon – Space Age Lover – Studio Acetae
Maurice Messiah – How Long – Quality
Chuck Strong – Doin’ It cause It Feels Good – Invasion
Gary Taylor – Just What I Had In Mind – A&M
L.J. Reynolds – Don’t Let Nobody Hold You Down – Polygram
Kashif – I’ve Been Missing You – Arista
Gladys Knight – When You’re Far Away – CBS
O’Jays – Summer Fling – Philadelphia International
Billy Griffin – Be With Me – Columbia
Curtis Hairston – Summertime – Pretty Pearl

Chris Plant: My Oh My

The title says it all when reading the following set list, My Oh My…or words to that effect! Chris Plant certainly had some records, monsters as most would describe them today. Today most DJ’s would give their right arm, a kidney and anything else they could manage without for a selection like this. Not all his own discoveries admittedly, but nonetheless it is one impressive selection that would still hold it’s own in any venue anywhere today. The majority of the set is made up from a top 30 chart of Chris’s from between 1982 and 1984 of records he was playing at p[laces like Stafford, The Cavendish Suite, Peterborough, Clifton Hall and all the other top venues where Chris played.

Click On The Link To Listen: Chris Plant “My Oh My”

Greater Experience – Don’t Forget To Remember – Colony 13
Ramona Collins – You Been Cheating – Clark’s
Bobby Wisdom – Handwriting On The Wall – Out A Site (Billy Kennedy)
Yvonne Vernee – Just Like You Did Me – Sonbert
Eddie Daye & The Four Bars – Guess Who Loves You – Shrine
Magnetics – Lady In Green – Bonnie
Vondells – Hey, Girl You’ve Changed – Airtown
Jimmy Delphs – Dancing A Hole In The World – Carla
Eric Mercury – Lonely Girl – SAC
Gene Toones – What More Do You Want – Simco
Martells – Where Can My Baby Be – Al-La-Carte
Ray Agee – I’m Losing Again – Soultown
Johnny Honeycutt – I’m Coming Over – Triode
Jesse Davis – There’s Room For Me – Revere (Lenny Welch)
Sequins – Try My Love – The Detroit Sound
Virginia Blakely – Let Nobody Love You – Mojo
Art Gentry – Merry-Go-Round – Onyx
Del Tours – Sweet And Lovely – Starville
Billy Floyd – My Oh My – Arctic
Professionals – That’s Why I Love You – Groove City
Al Williams – I Am Nothing – La Beat
Lester Tipton – This Won’t Change – La Beat
Jackie Beavers – I Need My Baby – Revilot
Chandlers – Your Love Makes Me Lonely – Col-Soul
Classics – So Glad That I Found You – Yan-G
Majestics – I Love Her So Much It Hurts – Linda
William Powell – Heartaches Souvenirs – Power House
Sandy Wynns – I’ll Give That To You – Simco
Roger Pace – The Minute My Back Was Turned – Select
Betty Lloyd – I’m Catching On – BSC
Barbara Acklin – I’m Not Mad Anymore – Special Agent
Soulettes – Bring Your Fine Self Home – Scope
Detroit Soul – All Of My Life – Music Town
Little Charles & The Sidewinders – It’s A Heartache – Decca
(Sam Coltrane – Watch Out For The Heartaches)

Keith Minshull: I Still Remember The Feeling

Keith Minshull, a somewhat unsung hero of the scene who rarely gets the recognition he deserves. Keith was running all-nighters at the Top Of The World prior to it becoming the Stafford we know. He teamed up with Dave Thorley and began promoting all-nighters under the Top Dog Soul Club banner in early 1982 up until May 1983 when the Drifters failed to perform. As with this set, not all are discoveries or first played by Keith. There are some Casino biggies, particularly for Richard Searling, some Stafford “oldies”, Dave Withers with the unissued Motown for instance and the odd spin or two for Gary Rushbrooke, all along side some plays made popular by Keith. One thing is for sure Keith’s last hour spots were enjoyed many many and he he certainly knew how to work a floor.

Listen: Keith Minshull “I Still Remember The Feeling”

Holman’s Hero’s – Eddie’s My Name (Inst) – Unissued
Barbara Lewis – I Still Remember The Feeling – Atlantic
Originals – Suspicion – Unissued Motown
Marvelettes – The Boy From Crosstown – Unissued Motown
(Lillian Dupree – The Boy That I Love)
Marvelettes – Sugar’s Never Been As Sweet – Unissued Motown
(Patti Gilson & Tonettes – Sugar’s Never Been As Sweet)
Elbie Parker – Please Keep Away From Me – Veep
Admirations – You Left Me – Peaches
Danny Owens – I Can’t Be Your Fool Anymore – Manhatten
(Bell Boys – Can’t Be A Fool)
Paris – Sleepless Nights – Doc
Kenny Wells – Isn’t It Just A Shame – New Voice
Greg Perry – It Takes Heart – Alpa
Cody Marshall – The Thought Of Losing You – Sound Judgement
(Pierré Hunt)
NuRons – All Of My Life – NuRon
(Lamarr Thomas & The Chains That Bind – All Of My Life Waiting For You)
Jan Jones – Independent Woman – Daywood
Prince Philip Mitchell – I’m So Happy – Atlantic
Jimmy McFarland – Lonely Lover – RPR
Larry Laster – Go For Yourself – Loma
Kenny Carlton – Lost And Found – Blue Rock
Howard Guyton – I Watched You Slowly Slip Away – Verve
Johnny Watson – South Like West (Inst) – Okeh
Eddie Parker – I’m Gone – Awake
Damon Fox – Packin’ Up – Fairmount
Yvonne Vernee – Just Like You Did Me – Sonbert
Executive Four – We Got A Good Thing Going – Lu-Mar
Johnny Honeycutt – I’m Coming Over – Triode
Magnetics – Lady in Green – Bonnie
Seven Souls – I Still Love You – Okeh
Sam Fletcher – I’d Think It Over – Tollie
Deon Jackson – I Still Remember The Feeling – Deon Jackson LP track previously unissued Carla Recording.
Fabulous Moonlighters – For Granted – Blue Eagle
Twilights – You’re The One – Aqua
Magnetics – When I’m With My Baby – Sable
Martha Starr – No Part Time Love For Me – Thelma
Ty Karim – You Really Made It Good To Me – Senator
Soundmasters – Lonely, Lonely – Juliet
Terry Callier – Look At me Now – Cadet
Willie Tee – Please Don’t Go – Nola

Jimmy Wensiora: Everybody’s Talking

Jim Wensiora, Dave Raistrick, Rob Smith, Jonathon Woodliffe, Steve Phyliss, Rob Marriott, Rock City circa 85 (© Dave Raistrick)

Jimmy on the left with the Rock City Crew

Been a while since last podcast, this time I feature another of the unsung heroes in my opinion. Jimmy not always getting the respect and credit he deserves. One thing for sure was Jimmy had some monster records back then, some of the rarest and most expensive. When he sold up around 87/88 Keb and Rob Marriott bought many of his biggies and it kept them going for a year or two for their playlists at the time.

Compiling Jimmy’s podcast wasn’t easy as it appeared not many could remember exactly what he played at Stafford, however a playlist was produced from Rock City from around that time and with other records we knew for sure he played we have a healthy list of tracks to compile the podcast. One or two I couldn’t source sound files or find out what they were, Baby Washington “Let It Be Me” (cover up I presume) and Vince And Connie “I Bear Witness” (one off acetate) being two.

To Download Right Click: Everybody’s Talking

Charmianes – Standing In The Need Of Love – April & Blackwood Acetate
Joan Baker – Everybody’s Talking – Diamond
(Bettye LaVette)
Bernard Williams & The Original Bluenotes – Tears Tell The Whole Sad Story – Virtue Acetate.
Re-Vells – I Want A New Love – Trent Town
Ty Karim – You Really Made It Good To Me – Romark
Tina Roberts – One Way Or The Other – Security
(Honey & The Bees)
Admirations – You Left Me – Peaches
Richard Anthony – Keep On Living On – Virtue
Jimmy Armstrong – Mystery – Shrine
James Wesley Smith – Talkin’ About Women – Angel Town
Cheques – Deeper – Heatwave
Van McCoy – Sing Yeah Sing – Unissued Studio Acetate
Boss Four – Walking By – RIM
(The Fascinators – Just Wakin By)
George Lemons – Fascinating Girl – Gold Soul
Janeen Henry – Baby Boy – Blue Rock
Mary Hunt – I Want To Love And Be Loved – Soul Mate
(Alice Clark)
Benny Harper – My Prayer – Harper Soul
Out Of Sights – For The Rest Of My Life – Saru
(Sammy Campbell – My Baby She’s Gone)
Ralph Graham – She Just Sits There – Upfront
(Monster bit later for Colin Law covered up very briefly Tommy Navarro
as James Conwell)
Dynamic Three – She Said Yeah – Del Val
Magnetics – Count The Days – Sable
Del- Chontays – Baby I Love You – Steeltown
Debonaires – Come Back Baby – SouL Click
Speedlimit – Can’t Say No – Cutlass Acetate
Citations – (To Win The Race) Keep The Faith – Ballad
(Magnificent Men)
Soulettes – Bring Your Fine Self Home – Scope
Romona Collins – You’ve Been Cheating – Clark’s
Flairs – You Got To Steal It – RAP
Two Plus Two – Love Will Conquer All – Ditto
Gracie Dumas – Song Of A Woman – El Dorado Acetate/J-Gems
Betty Wilson – I’m Yours – Dayco
Chico Lamarr – Who Do You Think You Are – Fuller
Eric Mercury – Lonely Girl – SAC
Jesse Davis – Gonna Hang On In There Girl – Era
J.D. Bryant – I Won’t Be Coming Back – Shrine